Whether you are a novice or an experienced in the multi-platform gamer, there are some things you should know about the PC gaming. Here are the most important things you should definitely know.

  1. Download steam

This is the biggest digital platform for PC games. The platform is run by Valve. It ensures that you are always informed about everything that comes out. Steam keeps your software and updates your games. It also has features such as instant messaging and in-game voice chat among others.

  1. Refund Option

Steam has a feature known as a steam refund. In case you’re not satisfied with any game or if the game doesn’t perform well on your PC, you can always request for the refund. For you to get your refund without challenges, you should not play the game for more than two hours.

  1. Modding

PC gamers always have an access to virtually all files available when playing; nothing is hidden or kept away from the players. This freedom allows talented and passionate gamers to create modifications to the games; they make it better.

  1. Clean your PC

You need to keep your PC clean in order to keep it running at its maximum potential. Clean dust and hair that have entered your PC. It’s advisable that you use a can of compressed air to blow the dust out of your PC.

  1. Nvidia GPU user experience

You can download the GeForce experience software from Nvidia website if you’re running a Nvidia graphics. The GeForce Experience software will constantly update your GPU’s driver. The software also offers an opportunity of optimizing individual games; your games will run smoothly at the optimum graphics settings of your GPU.

  1. Install mods

Some games are better on the PC because of high-quality mods. For instance, Fallout 4 gets better with new mods you use to add great features to the game.

7. Buying or building

People prefer going to a hardware shop and buy a PC for gaming, but there are caveats that come with it. Most pre-built PC comes with propriety component that will prevent you from upgrading. Nonetheless, you can build your PC without facing difficulties if you have the basic knowledge required in the PC gaming industry.

8. Denuvo and War on Privacy

The PC gaming industry was piracy friendly environment before Deneuve was launched. Denuvo is a technology that prevents pirates from accessing and exploiting games before they are released. FIFA 15 was the first game, and many games are protected from pirates today.

  1. PC Exclusives

You need to know that PC gaming also has an excessive exclusive title for example World of Warcraft, Dota 2 and League of Legends, which are played by millions of people globally.

  1. Use of Peripheral

Most gamers prefer the comfort of mouse and keyboard. However, Gaming on PC is not limited to the two devices; if you want to play sports games, fighting games, or racing games, there is an option of using controllers. You can also use a controller without facing challenges. As of now, Microsoft and Sony have support for their console controllers to perform well on PC.